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Depositi doganali Como


As authorized keepers to operate general warehouses and type I public warehouses we specialize in the management of the following customs regimes procedures:

  • A3: While waiting for a customs destination, Non-EU foreign goods can be stored up to 90 days duty free. 

  • Regime 7000: Non-EU foreign goods can be stored duty free indefinitely and be partially o entirely customs cleared according to clients’ needs.

  • Regime 4500: Non-EU foreign goods are stored duty free and the importer is not to anticipate VAT upon customs clearance, but to settle it when the goods are removed from the warehouse to be marketed in Italy

  • EU and Non-EU Foreign goods are stored within our Bonded warehouse DUTY FREE Goods from any country can be kept in suspension of excise duty for a certain period of time before proceeding to their marketing

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